Versele Laga Optimal start 25 5kg

Versele Laga Optimal start 25 5kg


Versele-Laga Colombine Optimal-Start 25 is a powdered protein supplement for breeding pigeons and young pigeons and other cage and aviary birds.

Colombine Optimal-Start 25 is eggfood in powder form, rich in vitamin E. Contains 25% protein.

  • Well balanced protein supplement for breeding and young pigeons
  • Ensures a successful fecundation, breeding and growth of the young
  • Protein supplement for youngsters and breeding pigeons
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Administer to future breeders as of 1 week before pairing, this ensures a good fertilisation. Provide about 10 tablespoons of Optimal-Start 25 per 20 pigeons daily in a pot. Refresh daily. After weaning, administer the same amount to


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