Unifeed Vita Plus 5kg

Unifeed Vita Plus 5kg


Complete feed for the breeding of canaries of heavy breeds.

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Unifeed-Vita Plus ++ is a product designed for the feeding of nestlings. The innovative production process means that alongside the cooked fraction (heat-treated cereals for food use), raw fractions are added, preserved from the thermal damage typical of extrusion (vitamin destruction, Maillard reaction, etc.). The granule formed in this way absorbs water, transforming itself into a soft ball particularly appreciated by reproducers during the feeding phase.

COMPOSITION: cereals, vegetable proteins, oils and fats, minerals, probiotics, prebiotics, vitamins, amino acids, antioxidants, flavors.

INSTRUCTIONS FOR USE: add an equal amount of water (100 gr./100 gr.) To Unifeed-Vita Plus ++, wait 30/40 minutes then mix the product thoroughly before serving. Administer as a single product or add to the Unifeed Breeding line UNIBIRD. It is possible to add cooked or germinated seeds or any other natural product while the addition of Vitamins and Mineral Salts is not recommended. The unifeed-vita plus ++ is indicated in the breeding phase with growing young and in the finishing phase by administering it daily at the free disposal of the breeders. It can also be administered throughout the year in the molting phases of the maintenance and preparation of the cove, as a supplement and tonic of the display subjects and reproducers.

WARNINGS: Once moistened, the product must be replaced daily in the height of summer, in winter it can be left available to birds up to 48 hours after preparation. Close the package once opened to preserve the fragrance, keep in a cool and dry place.

Any discrepancies in color or particle size of the product between the various lots are normal given the absence of dyes and the use of raw materials subject to natural chromatic variations, this does not in any way affect the integrity and goodness of the product. It does not cause “browning” and does not affect the natural coloring of the plumage.


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