Unifeed Vita 5kg

Unifeed Vita 5kg


Compound feed for granivorous small-sized birds (Canaries, Exotic birds, Psittacids etc.)

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Unifeed VITA: Compound feed for granivorous small-sized birds (Canaries, Exotic birds, Psittacids etc.)

Unifeed-Vita is a product intended for the nestling breeding.

The innovative production process ensures that raw fractions preserved from thermal damage typical of extrusion are added to the cooked fraction (heat- treated food-grade cereals). The granule thus formed absorbs water turning into a soft dough particularly appreciated by the breeder in the process of hand feeding.

COMPOSITION: cereals, vegetable proteins, oils and fats, mineral substances, probiotics, prebiotics, vitamins, amino acids, antioxidants, flavourings.

Instructions for use: add an equal quantity of water to the Unifeed (100gr /100gr), wait 30/40 minutes then carefully mix the product before serving. Administer as a single product or add Unifeed breeding UNIBIRD line. It is possible to add cooked or sprouted seeds or any other natural product while the addition of vitamins and mineral salts is not recommended. Unifeed VITA is indicated in the breeding phase of growing chicks and in the finishing phase, administer it freely to the reproducing animals every day. It can also be administered throughout the year in the phases of maintenance, moult and hatching preparation, as a supplement and a restorative for exhibition subjects and reproducing animals. Administer every other day (we recommend 2/3 days per week).

Warning: Once moistened, the product must be replaced daily during summer, while, during winter, it can be left freely available to the birds up to 48 hours after preparation. Close the package after use to preserve the fragrance; keep in a cool, dry place.


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