Unifeed Goldfinches Vita Light 5kg

Unifeed Goldfinches Vita Light 5kg


Unifeed VITA LIGHT GOLDFINCHES: Compound feed, complete for small and medium-sized granivorous birds. Usable for all periods of the year.

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Unifeed-Vita Light Cardellini is a product designed for the daily feeding of granivorous birds. The innovative production process means that alongside the cooked fraction (heat-treated cereals for food use), raw fractions are added, preserved from the thermal damage typical of extrusion (vitamin destruction, Maillard reaction, etc.). The granule formed in this way absorbs water, transforming itself into a soft ball particularly appreciated by birds. The product can be administered as it is in the dry solution during all periods of the year.

COMPOSITION: cereals, vegetable proteins, oils and fats, minerals, probiotics, prebiotics, vitamins, amino acids, antioxidants, flavors.

INSTRUCTIONS FOR USE: Unifeed Vita Light Cardellini can be administered to avian subjects both in humidified form (mix an equal amount of water -100 gr./100 gr.-, wait 30/40 minutes then mix thoroughly the product before serving), or administered as such as the only product in a special manger in the dry solution. If the product is used during the breeding period, it must be mixed with Unifeed Vita to increase its protein content

WARNINGS: Once moistened, the product must be replaced daily in the height of summer, in winter it can be left available to birds up to 48 hours after preparation. Close the package once opened to preserve the fragrance, keep in a cool and dry place.


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