PANTASMOKE Smoke tablets – 3 tablets

PANTASMOKE Smoke tablets – 3 tablets


One PantaSmoke tablet creates a smoke blanket which treats a surface of max. 75m3. PantaSmoke consists of only natural ingredients such as herbs and essential oils.

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  • Drives away parasites like mosquitos, moths, lice etc.
  • Has a soothing effect on your birds’ airways and helps to avoid problems such as cold, sinusitis, bronchitis and dry and wet mucus.
  • Disinfects the loft and cleans the nostrils and the bronchial tubes of your birds.

Birds can easily and safely endure the “Smoke-bath” treatment and will experience a positive effect on the general health.

Instructions for use

  • Place the PantaSmoke tablet on a stone, tile or terra-cotta bowl before igniting. This in order to avoid burning or scorch marks due to contact with combustible floor panels or wooden carrying materials.
  • Keep the flame source in contact with the tablet until the burning is self-continuing.
  • Avoid contact with the ash remainders after extinguishing for at least 15 minutes to ensure a safe disposal.

 3 smoke tables to treat a total area of max. 225 m3.


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